Bending Light
Bending Light Sculpture homage to Newton and Einstien
Loop Group I
Loop Group II
In The Beginning detail of sculptural collection about creation myths
In the Beginning detail
Unraveling Time's Arrow
Quantum Jitters



Quantum Jitters

Questions about the origin and evolution of the Universe have captured my imagination since childhood. Time, space and the mysteries of the cosmos continue to fascinate me, especially when science and technology are making discoveries that challenge our understanding of these matters almost daily.  With new mathematical theories that seek to fuse general relativity and quantum mechanics into a unified theory and information provided by technological research, pieces of this extraordinary puzzle are fitting together in ways that force dramatic revisions to our conception of the cosmos, revealing a Universe that is astonishing in its complexity, diversity, and beauty.


Concepts in modern physics; space, time, gravity, quantum mechanics, string theory, the big bang and the nature of reality itself inspired the works for this show. Finding materials and creating poetic form for the abstract and technical concepts was an exciting challenge. In my research for these pieces, I developed a deep admiration and appreciation for the highly evolved language of math that so beautifully describes and often predicts these phenomena. Having no personal capacity for math what-so-ever, I invited Dr. John Zadrozney, a physicist and a talented artist in his own right, to collaborate with me incorporating these beautiful equations into the works themselves. This collaboration has produced an installation that is rich in its content as well as surprising in its form. I’m honored and indebted to John for his creativity, artistry, and for his willingness to share his knowledge and time working with me on this endeavor.


Despite the most rigorous scientific scrutiny, the origin of the Universe continues to be a mystery which enhances my sense of wonder and awe for the amazing gift of life. Balancing the scientific realm with the spiritual, I worked with creation myths from around the world to honor what is deeply felt but still unknown about the very beginnings of time and space.