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My desire is to use this space to have open forum conversations about art; my current areas of interest and response to what is "out there" in the arts community. Unfortunately, until I learn how to incorporate interactive features such as video and email response etc, this page will function as my journal for the most current areas of art explorations.

February 18, 2009
Ok. It's the middle of February and I have been busy learning more about web design and working on the first three paintings for my new body of work. I'm working with the idea of taking systems to the point where they break down, from form into chaos. These will be very painterly explorations. I think the mathematical systems are morphing into the biological. I'm missing the spontenaity that can come from paint. I'm also craving working large and gesturally.

As for artistic influences, Tara Donovan's work is amazing! Check her out. She takes the most ordinary manufactured objects, styrofoam cups, rolls of adding machine paper, paper plates and cups, scotch and mylar tape, rubber bands...and on and on, using them to create installations or object of monumental scale. She thinks in terms of infinity when she puts these forms together. It's always starteling to see such ordinary objects transformed into such incredible and beautiful works of wonder.

December 16, 2008
I'm doing research into the ways that math influences nature and art. The conformed mapping series that I'm currently working on uses old graphs of logorhhythms. I repeat, flip and join one logorhythm at at time to create each design. It amazes me how completely abstract the language of math is, and yet, it lends itself to patterning that is filled with allusions to the natural world. I'm reading "A Beginners Guide to Constructing the Universe, The Mathematical Archetypes of Nature, Art, And Science" by Michael S. Schneider ~ its a great introduction to the way that numerical archetypes precipitate as organic and inorganic forms in nature and are the ones we rely upon in technology and engineering. There is emphasis on the qualitative, symbolic and sacred aspects of numbers.

Someone just emailed me a link to a German Artist: Hanne Darboven, who began creating serial drawings, often in extensive sequences, based on systems of counting she derived from the calendar. This technique became central to Darboven's work, An untitled work from 1969 consists of 147 typewritten sheets of calendrical counting, a large-scale accumulation of possible visual formats and layouts for her renderings and calculations of dates. Its interesting to follow the progression of her work from the late 1960's until today~ she has great depth and intensity as well as a broad range of materials that she works with. I'm attracted to other artists who work with a huge number of materials.

I recently met a professor of Mathematics at Stanford who emailed me this link to minimal surface pictures created by computer technology from the Scientific Graphics project.
I don't yet know how this will influence my direction,however I'm thrilled to get leads to other artists and scientists working with systems. I welcome the shared information ~

Please email me links to interesting related subject matter!



All the effects of Nature are only the mathematical
consequences of a small number of immutable laws.

~Pierre Simon de Laplace