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Artist's Statement:

As an artist I'm driven by an innate curiosity about images, materials and process. I enjoy experimenting with diverse materials to discover their potential for expression and researching the expressive or iconic possibilities within an image.
My ultimate goal is to create works of art that are visually compelling, transcending image, material and process.

I'm interested in ideas and words as much as I'm interested in objects and images. Words or phrases often serve
as the catalyst for exploration; the titles often precede the making and flow through my consciousness
throughout the process of exploration. Phrases often become building blocks for form, their
meaning can be echoed by the form, or, the form can enhance the text creating tactile, visual poetry.

Through the process of exploration using diverse materials, I search for metaphor in the qualities of the materials themselves. By juxtaposing and re-contextualizing incongruous elements, I explore the nature of relationships and identity. I discover the many meanings that a single material or form can imply in the transformation from material to image, from image to icon.


~I am always doing that which I cannot do,
in order that I may learn how to do it~
Pablo Picasso